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Recent ACM Projects


ACM brands such as Dibond and Alupanel are usually meant to be used as panels in signage or architecture applicatons-  but recently, Envision Plastics has again broadened the horizon for this unique material!  Three customers have come to us for completely different uses of the aluminum composite materials.  The first application is for a internal sewn in base in a large roller bag that contains medical equipment.  The light weight of the part and the rigitidty make it a perfect fit.  In addition, the bag is in an MRI environment so the aluminum does not cause any issues with magnetics. The second application was for a range hood apparatus. It housed a proprietary device that I can't describe publically, However, the gloss level of the Alupanel was key to closely match the cosmetics of the stove appliance.  The third application was a simple name tag.  In fact it was double sided.  This customer needed to have options with two different brands digtially printed on the tag.  Some would go on to one product, some on another.  Instead of having two different name plates, they just had one.  The smooth 'print ready' surface fo the ACM made this an ideal material to use.

Keep ACM in mind for your next product!