Case Study #2

Custom vs. Off The Shelf

Back in 2004, we had a customer come to us with a single PCB housing application. The board had connectors coming of opposite sides making it somewhat challenging for the customer to find a standard off the shelf box that worked for them. It was not hard to find the general size, color, and material grade of the off the shelf box, but to accommodate their PCB, they needed the off-the-shelf provider to machine the enclosure with additional cutouts and remove enclosure standoffs that were in the way of the PCB components upon assembly.

NMR Technology provided the solution they needed to economically get their customized product to market. We added the value of using thicker, more robust material, added the exact cutouts needed, and even removed all unnecessary mounting points – essentially using the cut outs themselves to support the PCB. In addition, we added mounting flanges to make the installation of their automotive unit easier. Our customer got their product to market quickly and to their exact liking.  

Automotive Plastic Electronics Enclosure

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