Common Enclosure Applications

Custom fabricated NMR plastic enclosures serve a variety of industries and applications. You can see a list of industries and markets on our "Markets" page and also in our blog with regard to "New Projects". However, in general, all of our enclosures fill a custom electrical enclosure demand gap in the marketplace. There are various examples of these throughout the site, but there are a couple main electronic enclosure applications we consistently build for. These would include:

  • Single PCB electrical housings
  • Stacked PCB electrical housings
  • Electrical potting enclosures and housings
  • Electrical housings with battery compartments
  • Anti-Static / ESD  / EMI electronic housings (using R63 material)
  • Electronic enclosures which require membrane switches / keypads
  • Electrical housings which require LCD screens to display data
  • Weatherable Plastic Enclosures and Housings
  • Since all of our custom enclosures usually house some sort of electronics, there are many more instances of electrical enclosure concepts. Feel free to send us your potential electronic enclosure application!
Plastic Electronic Enclosure
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