No Molds or Tooling!

The No Molds Required Technology allows us to design and fabricate your custom plastic enclosure without the need for that up front investment.

Our Easy Design Process

All of our plastic enclosure concepts and designs are custom – tailored to your specific enclosure needs. We can do the full design or assist you with your design.

Maximum Design Flexibility

You maintain design flexibility throughout the life of your product. This means you have no tooling to modify or scrap.

Economical Lot Sizes

We can economically fabricate anywhere from one enclosure for your prototype needs and up to several thousand plastic enclosures for your production needs. Regardless, the prototype housing (or other plastic part concept) will have the same fit, form, and function as the production plastic enclosures.

Quick Delivery Cycles

Getting you prototype plastic enclosures or production parts when you need or expect them is important to us. Prototyped enclosures can be shipped out in as little as 2 weeks and production plastic enclosures as quickly as 3 weeks (Some cases take longer due to material requirements and custom design changes made by the customer).

Wide Variety of Material Options

With the NMR Technology, we can produce ABS enclosures, high-impact polystyrene enclosures, acrylic housings, polycarbonate housings, Kydex enclosures and also from many other types of plastic sheet including Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM).

Value Added Services

Depending on your plastic enclosure’s needs, we can supply and apply gaskets, EMI shielding, silk-screening, digital printing, and paint. Other hardware or mechanical assembly is also offered.

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