Kudos to our Design Engineers

At Envision Plastics & Design our engineering services are 2nd to none.

We recently received high praise from a client that was introducing a brand new product line and he had no idea on how to begin the design process for the plastic enclosure he needed. We worked with him directly throughout the entire design process, from PCB orientation to the logo and text printing on his plastic enclosure. All he had to do was send us his preliminary PCB board; which wasn’t even fully populated! We helped optimize the design layout to make the enclosure fit his design parameters to a tee. He is absolutely singing the praises of Envision Plastics! 

Envision Plastics and Design utilizes NMR Technology to make custom plastic housings, plastic enclosures, plastic or ACM signage, and other plastic parts out of sheet stock material such as ABS, polystyrene, and polycarbonate
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