Allen FR 3030 PC/ABS

FR 3030 made at Allen Extruders is a polycarbonate and ABS blend with very high impact properties, stiffness, heat resistance, and outstanding thermoforming characteristics that is able to achieve a flame retardant rating without the use of carcinogenic substances.

Flame Retardant Characteristics:

  • UL 94V0 rating in a wall thickness of .118 or greater
  • High Heat Deflection Temperature of 222 degrees F @ 66 psi

This Rohs compliant PC/ABS blended sheet is stocked in various thicknesses at Envision and is our most common UL94-V0 rated material.

Lustran 552 ABS UL-HB

Lustran 552 ABS is stocked at Envision in a sheet thickness of .118 and is carried in two colors - Eggshell and Light Gray. The material is RoHs compliant and is certified to a UL94-Hb flame rating. This ABS sheet material is used in dozens of active enclosures and parts fabricated at Envision and is our most common HB rated ABS used in the NMR Manufacturing Process.

Boltaron 6540

Boltaron 6540 Sheet is a flame retardent ABS / PVC blend and is field proven in numerous commercial, industrial, and transportation applications. Envision uses this material on a regular basis with many types of plastic electronic enclosures, housings, panels, and displays.


Royalite r85/21 thermoplastic sheet is a unique composite of Royalite R85 weatherable cap sheet over Royalite R21 high impact ABS substrate. It is ideal for rugged outdoor applications requiring high impact strength and stiffness. Typcial markets for this material when used in plasic enclosure products would be marine, transportation, agriculture, outdoor industrial controls, or any other parts exposed to elements such as UV.  


Royalstat R63 Thermoplastic sheet made by Royalite is used in several applications at Envision Plastics where the NMR fabricated custom enclosure needs to be electrically conductive. Enclosures, panels, and other plastic housings made from this ABS/PVC blend have permanent static protection. Envision has used it in applications where dissipation of electrostatic charge is critical. In addition to enclosures, it is also ideal for custom fabricated bins, trays, containers, or tote boxes.


Royalite R59 thermoplastic sheet is an ABS/PVC blend that meets the UL94-V0 standard for flame ratings. This product has been used in numerous custom plastic enclosure applications at Envision Plastics. However, it is not a stocked material. It is available through distribution however in several thicknesses and colors.

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