ACM Product Pictures

ACM Fabricated Hinged Enclosure
  • ACM Fabricated Hinged Enclosure
  • Dibond Fabricated Panel, custom fabrication of Dibond or alucabond laminate materials
  • Digitally Printed Fabricated ACM Panels
  • Digitially Printed ACM Tradeshow Display Panels
  • Brushed Aluminum ACM Fabricated Hinged Electrical Enclosure
  • Brushed Aluminum ACM Electrical Enclosure
  • ACM Fabricated Wall Mounted Cover
  • Hinged ACM Box; electrical enclosure ACM, Aluminum composite Materail Housing
  • Aluminum Composite Material Electrical wall Housing, hinged ACM Enclosure
  • Dibond ACM Sample Material Colors
  • Drawing for ACM Fabricated Panel
  • Automotive Rear Carrier Custom ACM Fabrication
  • Digitally Printed ACM Panel
  • Custom ACM Fabricated Housing
  • ACM Enclosure Housing with Rivet Construction
  • ACM Fabrication Rivet Construction
  • ACM Fabrication Riveted Seam
  • ACM Panel, Aluminum Composite Material, Dibond
  • Aluminum Composite Material Sample, ACM business card holder, brushed aluminum Alupanel
  • Glossy ACM Panel Showing Protective Film
  • Aluminum Composite Material Sample, Alupanel ACM business card holder
  • Glossy Black ACM Electrical Enclosure

The above samples are a few of the custom ACM fabrication applications our customers have come to us with over the past few years. They include panels, housings, branding pieces, enclosures, and some other miscellanous parts.  

Aluminum composite material or ACM is a unique laminated material. It is very rigid due to the lamination process and maintains excellent flatness as a result. It also has a polyethylene core with aluminum cap layers. The aluminum comes in two thicknesses: .008 and .012. The .008 thickness can be used for situations where you are not bending the part, but the .012 thickness aluminum facing is what we traditionally use because it allows us to apply grooves to the part and easily hand bend it. See our materials page for more ACM options.

Bending can be done by Envision Plastics or completed in the field by our customer. Bending in the field can save our customers on shipping and warehouse costs due to the part being flat instead of a formed enclosure. The aluminum facing comes with multiple finish options such as pre-painted white or black or brushed aluminum. See our benefits page for more reasons to use ACM!



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