UU Snap-Together Plastic Enclosures

UU Plastic Enclosure - Handheld plastic housing black
  • UU Plastic Enclosure - Handheld plastic housing black
  • ABS display enclosure, electronic plastic display
  • polycarbonate snap together box, custom automotive plastic housing
  • clear plastic polycarbonate enclosure for electronics
  • UU housing, ABS electronics enclosure, small plastic housing
  • Custom Electronic Enclosure, Medical Device Enclosure
  • Multi fan mounted ABS plastic enclosure

UU Plastic Housings consist of two "U" formed plastic pieces. One of which has a tongue and the other has a groove milled into the material. Insert the tongue into groove and the enclosure snaps together. In addition, if there is enough "land" on the edge of a PCB, a PCB may be able to be snapped into a milled board groove. The use of the board groove removes the need for mounting standoffs. Mounting ears are optional.

Common Use: Raspberry Pi Enclosures

This style also works great for smaller plastic housings and Raspberry Pi mini computers. We can make many different accommodations based on what your custom Raspberry Pi enclosure or Raspberry Pi 3 enclosure requires.

Typical "U-U" Housing

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