"My company is a systems integrator. We had the needed to have some custom enclosures fabricated. Our previous fabricator could not solve some of the issues we were having. Fortunately we found Envision Plastics, they saved the day! There knowledgeable engineering staff understood our issues and solved our problems. The end product looked and functioned great! This project could not have been finished without them. We will definitely work with Envision Plastics again."

- Brian, Operations Manager
Systems Integrator Company

"My experiences working with Envision have been great...

I had been working on a new product design with an exceptionally short deadline. We laid out the case design and sent it to Envision. When they had the parts ready for bonding for the first prototypes, I stopped by with the mating hardware and we did a dry fit. Everything lined up! I drove back with the first two cases that day.

I can’t say enough about the service Envision provided for us. They were easy to work with, met the tight time line we needed, and provided us with a quality product."

- Ed, V.P. Operations
Industrial diagnostic Company

"The Envision technology provides a welcome alternative to mold purchases during project development, and results in a significant competitive advantage in reduced costs and cycle times. The availability of this technology option will certainly continue to yield long-term benefits in development, and may provide viable future production solutions as well."

- Bruce, Buyer
Medical Device Firm

"We worked with Envision on a number of projects over the last few years and have nothing but positive things to say. From quality manufacturing processes to flexible and creative up-front design and development, they have the expertise and “know how” to make our new products reality."

- John, Engineer
Industrial Engineering Firm

"Envision’s design capability and unique technology allowed us to design high quality custom enclosures without the expense and time required for hard tooling. Prototypes were available in weeks instead of months allowing testing and evaluations to be performed much earlier in the program. Overall, we were able to reduce our development time by 4-6 months using Envision’s team and technology."

- Jim, Program Manager
Medical Device Firm

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