Our Facility

Envision Plastics and Design is located in White Bear Lake, MN about 10 miles north of St. Paul (see map). Due to our lean methods of manufacturing, efficiency in production management, and rapid inventory turns, our current square footage offers plenty of plastic fabrication space to manufacture our custom plastic electronic enclosures. However, due to our rise in plastic housing business from new customers, existing customer project demands, and new projects on the whole, we needed to expand further. We expanded in 2014 which created more room for CNC milling machines, forming equipment, raw material inventory, and general enclosure part component flow through the NMR manufacturing process.

The production floor contains various types of equipment to produce our custom plastic electronic enclsoures. Mainly:

  • Three kinds of CNC routers (7 in all) that all have different capabilities. The bed sizes (in inches) are 48x96, 40x60, 36x40, 18x18. 
  • Two custom CNC forming machines that are specifically built to support NMR Technology and the bending of plastic enclosure components.
  • Two Mimaki Digital Printing Machines to add cosmetic printing of logos and labeling of cutouts on the custom enclosures.
  • Several table/table top routers to add cosmetic edging (chamfers, radii).
Shipping and Receiving:
Once our completed plastic enclosures are ready for shipment, they are packaged per our customer specifications OR per an agreed upon shipping/packaging standard. Most of our enclosures and housings are shipped via UPS. Other times, the plastic fabricated product is shipped via Dock Truck (local to St. Paul/Minneapolis), LTL freight (for larger volume shipments either domestically (US) or internationally), or via other carriers such as DHL and Fed Ex*
If you have any additional questions or concerns surrounding our facility, please feel to contact us at any time!

(*Fed Ex and DHL may require an additional pick-up/shipping charge due to charges put on Envision for product pick up)

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