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L-Slide Cover Plastic Enclosures

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L-Slide Cover Plastic Enclosures

L-Slide covers are used for applications in which the contents of a plastic housing may have to be accessed repeatedly. Most often the L-base (or cover) is secured by fasteners once in place. The L-cover may slide in on and fasten to welded rails. Another option is to utilize the tongue and groove method. The internal electronics may be mounted to the 4-sided partial enclosure, or the L-slide component. The L-slide enclosure works well when the PCB has large connectors protruding from opposing sides.

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Design files:

L-Slide Box 3D Image Modeler (EXE).easm

L-Slide Box (PDF).pdf

L-Slide Box with Rails (PDF).pdf

L-Slide Box with Rails 3D Image Modeler (EXE).easm

L-Slide Box with Tabs (PDF).pdf