Painted ABS Display with silk screening
  • Painted ABS Display with silk screening
  • Painted front panel bracket with silkscreening
  • EMI Paint, copper paint, shielded custom plastic housing
  • Painted monitor supports, custom fabricated with metal supports
  • Plastic Cover shroud, painted, custom fabrication ABS
  • Front computer panel, custom fabricated plastic ABS
  • Painted Front Panel, custom fabricated panel

Envision has a very close working relationship with a local paint shop that can handle the finishing of plastic parts and plastic enclosures. Wet spray paint is used and can be of various colors, sheens, and textures.

Above, you can see pictures of a painted plastic enclosures and custom plastic panels.

The painting application is most useful when a custom color plastic sheet extrusion proves to be too costly or if the fabricated plastic part needs to match identically to a metal fabricated enclosure or component.

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